sensitive baby.


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released November 8, 2015



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GABI Arizona

sensitive rock
ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

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Track Name: sporting adidas
flower thighs and a bloody tongue
caught me thinking youre the one I wanted
got me fallin

through the office fluorescent fog
was the first time I saw an angel sporting Adidas
an angel- jealousy for cloth - an angel

I waited for you
wanted to give all my time to you
but you were to busy
you didn't want me and that's cool
Track Name: FFFr U (everything is an inconvenience)
baby I'm half dead
all the times ive waited
for you

I remember what you said
I could be a girlfriend
to you

now it all makes sense
everything's an inconvenience
for you

I know I'm the only one
wanting to give honest affection
to you

cant you tell what I'm saying
don't you know that I'm singing
for you

now it all makes sense
everything's an inconvenience
for you
Track Name: sensitive baby.
I'm always beating around the bush
avoiding saying the things I should
its human rejection that makes it hard
to say all the things I feel in my heart
but I will try my best
to correctly express how I feel about you
if you don't already know how I feel about you

don't you know I want you bad?
how could you not know that.
don't you know youre everything and more
cant you tell I'm dying to be yours?

you say youre a sensitive baby
well Id say the sensitive one is me

I know I'm not your first
and I probably wont be your last
but oh gosh now it hurts
seeing someone else in your hands

sensitive baby needs sensitive love
sensitive baby is just sensitive enough for me